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What we can we'll do

We do app

Apps is our primary area of work, we enjoy working on them for hours. with a bunch of donuts and some coffee. Our skill is improving all the time (yes we have a humble ego). To learn more, click on the button below......


We have been working on some games recently and only revs up. The games we are making cover, a variety of topics, and we are also preparing an another major project which is expected to enter the market early this year. We are constantly developing and improving our skills, and we are hoping to release a high quality product...


We do 3D

You probably have figured it out already, that 3D art is part of our job and that we are integrating into our projects. It is not the primary focus of our work, but we can also prepare for you crazy 3D illustrations, concepts, or insane animations.....





We work with our friends. They are very skilled and have a vast knowledge of web design, printing, publishing and other related areas.You want more ? Click the button below ......








What we have done?

Crazy Labirynth 3D

Crazy Labirynth 3D is a labyrinth maze game with beautiful 3D graphics on realistic physics, and a top-notch gaming experience. Roll your way past walls, holes, and rotating pieces in order to move the ball into the goal.


Crazy Labyrinth 3D is not your ordinary labyrinth for a ball, this is something truly hardcore and crazy. Remarkable and well designed levels, interesting solutions, beautiful 3D graphics - those strong aspects of the game should convince you to play it. This version of labyrinth, where the player must lead the ball through a system of obstacles, can readily be classified as an action game. Steering through the maze is simple - but you will definitely need to think hard and outside of the box at some points, in order to crack some of the challenges. Attractive and enjoyable visuals of the labyrinth will make it a real pleasure to play it on your mobile. 3D graphics and lifelike physics will enhance the pleasure even further. Be warned though - if you are impetuous, your patience will be challenged more than once. This is not the type of game where you can see blood or decaying guts, but adrenaline spikes are guaranteed. If you used to play that kind of games before, but the experience was incomplete, you need to try our apporach to playing with ball and you will not regret it. You play it once - you will definitely want more! Crazy Labyrinth 3D features: - controlling the ball with accelerometer - arcade-logic game - 3d graphics - realistic ball physics - Just crazy labyrinth :)


Only CKDown

Start throwing into cans. Achieve perfection and play with hours. Simple addictive game.You and cans on against! Aim and throw.Nice graphics 3D, realistic physics = not a bad play. Several different levels,check them all. Have fun !



Start throwing into cans. Achieve perfection and play with hours. Simple addictive game.
You and cans on against! Aim and throw.
Nice graphics 3D, realistic physics = not a bad play. Several different levels, check them all.
Try to be correct and consume as fewest balls for pulling down and you will get bonuses for it.
The fast blow is heightening the throw and is also adding points up.
Be accurate and clever!!



Axy Galaxy - "Save Me"

Soon .....



About us

We are a bunch of nerds and, generaly, we love spending our spare time in front of the computer screen. We are passionate about our job and we do it with smiles on our faces, That is just who we are. We live Europe, but it is not a problem for us to work remotely. To sum up, we will do our best to deliver premium apps , web content, and other work. Because we believe we can, and so we will.


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